Sep 2422

Danger danger danger

Danger danger danger.

System overload.

Malfunction warning.

Bleep bleep. bleep bleep.

Danger danger danger.

Round and round my head it goes.

Subtle, but persistent.

Subtle, but strong.

Signals detected that need your urgent attention, sir.

My inner monologue whirrs on.

It doesn't actually say these things.

It's not so upfront about it.

But standing in the shower this morning, the fax came out:

Danger danger danger.

System overload.

Malfunction warning.

I guess that explains why I've been feeling so uptight the past week.

Risks detected at every corner.

Grave danger sir, please adjust course.

The warnings are correct, too.

At least in what they've seen, less so in their prognosis.

They see danger, and desire diversion.

I see danger, I feel it, I grip onto the wheel with both hands, breathe, and say softly, "no, this is where I'm meant to be".

Our inner systems are both wonderfully complex and beautifully simple.

So complex that it's been background processing every area of my life without me realising it, and subtly warning me of imminent dangers.

So simple that it hasn't managed to zoom out to the big picture, and know that we're exactly where we should be.

And that's the kicker.

Our internal stress is telling us something.

Don't ignore it.

It tells us where we are and the dangers we face, but it is designed to be a worst case scenario machine.

It's designed for our survival, so it leans into any risk and fires off the alarms.

But we're designed for risk.

We're designed for danger.

Sure, there's a balance.

Worth listening to the inner warnings.

But just as much worth realising that it's not so dangerous after all.

In our modern world, we aren't about to get eaten by a lion.

The worst case scenario isn't actually that bad.

And even that outcome is pretty unlikely too.

So next time you find yourself feeling physically stressed whilst taking a shower, trying to work everything out.

Take a step back, thank your internal machine for the print out, and remember.

It's ok.

You're where you should be.

We're gonna be just fine.

Fred Rivett's face@fredrivett