Sep 319

The Symphony of Life

A diversity of focus is a contradiction of terms.

No-one can focus on multiple things at once.

To do so is to focus on nothing at all, to be pulled this way and that, like spaghetti, intertwined, messy, unstructured, meaningless.

A lack of focus disturbs our soul. A lack of focus necessarily leads to a lack of purpose. Purpose comes when we have a meaning to our lives, when we're working towards something. And we cannot work towards that which we cannot see.

We like to keep life in tidy little boxes. Relationships here, work there, worldview here, passions there.

Life isn't like that though. And life conspires, at times, to remind us of that.

The tidy little boxes get flung up into the air, and we watch in slow motion, as we fearfully wonder how it'll all land together again.

Life shows itself as messy in these times. It shows itself as the complicated beast it is, with its insides exposed, the truth on show.

But it's not the whole picture. It's just the messy one. It's just the only one we can see right now.

Life can be messy, but it can also be pure. It can also be meaningful. It can also be clear. It can be messy and all of these things at the same time.

The difference between confusion, stress & anxiety and clarity, peace & hope, is often in our perspective, not in the things themselves.

As humans we need stories. We need to understand how things fit together, how each moment is part of a bigger whole. It's how we make sense of what we see.

So when everything gets thrown up in the air, that's when our stories break down, and when the noise returns to overwhelm the signal.

Peace returns only when we start piecing the parts together again.

It comes when we learn to see life not as separate boxes, not as parts to be tamed, but as a chorus, as a symphony of noises, each playing their part, each no longer simply a noise, but a melody, a song.

That's when focus can resume. When the distinct parts of our lives that felt so separate, so unsure, so anxiety inducing, come together to form the symphony of our lives.

That's where the magic happens. That's where beauty resides. That's when we flow again. It's where we come alive.

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