Nov 2116



But it’s flawed.
But there’s competitors.
But it’ll be hard.
But I don’t know how.

It’s so easy to let but stop us. It stops us from taking steps forwards, for fear that it might not work out. Fear that we’ll waste our time.

So instead, we wait for perfect. We wait for that moment when the idea comes. We wait for the one, that’s a sweet combination of unique genius, no competition, that requires nothing new from us, no new learning, everything is known.

We wait. But the idea never comes. Nothing quite holds up. Everything has a reason to stop us pursuing it. But. But. But.

Every idea starts out like this. I've yet to come across a problem that's not being solved somehow, an idea that doesn't have some weaknesses, an idea that doesn't force me to do something I've not done before.

Perfection freezes us in our tracks. It stops us from ever moving forwards. At some point we’ve got to leave perfection behind, and move ahead into the unknown.

Dance with the idea. Play with it. Try things out. Embrace the frailties, embrace the unknown. Embrace the likelihood of failure.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment.
Stop waiting for the perfect problem.
Stop waiting for the perfect team.


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