Nov 716


The days go by quicker now. It’s Monday again. Where did that week go?

The years go by quicker now. It’s New Years Eve again. Where did that year go?

We’re all so busy.

I sometimes wonder about how we should best live our lives. We’re often so intent on cramming something into every crevice of our every day lives that we never take the time to simply be. To be present in that day. To take time in a moment. To pick our head up and look around, and just be.

We’re too busy getting there. Going to that other place. Making sure we’re ready for it. Making sure that we’ll be prepared when it comes.

Then it comes, and we’re busy. Too busy to notice. To realise that anything much is going on. Too numbed by constant movement to appreciate that the very moments we’re preparing for are passing us by.

It’s so easy to do.

But I’m being wise? If I stop being busy now, my future will be worse. There is definitely an element of truth to this. We cannot simply stop preparing for the future and live in today. Tomorrow will come too, we hope.

We must strike the balance. Balance between creating the best future for tomorrow, whilst not repeatedly giving over all of today for it. We have to claim back some of today. We have to cash in some of our time. We have to budget for living, for being.

If we never stop to live, to breathe, to be, the next time we look up we’ll realise life has passed us by again.

So let’s be present in the moment. Be conscious of our blessings, and conscious of our challenges. Try to be thankful for what we’ve got, if we can.

Being present sounds like airy fairy rubbish, but it’s important.

Let’s set aside time when we’re not busy.

Let’s be present.

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