Oct 1716


Consistency is one of the hardest things to achieve. Especially at the beginning. Creating a new habit, starting a new routine.

Whilst it is tough, consistency is also key. Without consistency you won’t ever get anywhere. With consistency, you can make true progress towards your goals.

Starting is easy. The initial rush of a new idea, new possibilities. You’re fresh. Not worn down. It’s a blank slate. Exciting.

The early days can be quite fun. Everything is new. Potential abounds. Launching can bring a little spike in traffic. Attention. Momentum. Vanity?

Once the early days are over though, normality sets in. Routine appears, and it’s greyscale. It’s not what it was. The initial spotlight fades, numbers drop, the quick wins evaporate, and all that’s left is, hard work?

This is the danger zone. The honeymoon period is over. You’re in a desert, losing water, eagles hovering overhead. Will you push through and find a way, or will you let the surroundings overwhelm you, stagnating, slowing, dying?

Consistency was born for such a time as this. Keep plodding on. One foot after the other. The road moving under you. You’re reeling it in.

Consistency is boring. Unattractive. Mundane. It’s quiet, whispering to you, let’s keep going. We’ve got a place to be. Onwards.

This mundane, quiet voice whispers to you just as the noise increases. This is new. This isn’t what you expected. This is hard. This isn’t for you.

You’re out of your depth.

But that’s the point. That’s where consistency takes you. To places you’ve not been before. To challenges you’ve not faced before. To adventures you’ve never dreamt of.

Consistency leads you. You strain to hear it’s voice over the noise. You catch glimpses. You cherish these. You feed off these.

As you continue, you find the noise doesn’t disappear, but you get used to it. You gain small victories over it. You begin to bottle these victories, and use them as fuel to push you forwards. The noise loses it’s edge.

You tune your ear to the beat of the drum. Today. Tomorrow. Again. Again.

Routine becomes habit. Habit becomes consistent. Consistent becomes us.

You fly.

You fly, over the noise, using it, and your victories over it, to keep you going. To stay aloft.

Your life is moving forwards. You’re making progress. You’re taking steps, each day. Each week you’ve moved on, each month, another stake in the ground.

Months pass. Years. You look back. Who was that person? They look familiar, yet, strange. Similar, yet different. They look like you, but they’re not you.

You’ve changed.

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