Aug 2916

Healthy Pressure

Pressure is healthy.

Healthy pressure is, at least.

Without pressure we wouldn’t have diamonds.

Pressure can keep us on track.

It can push us to go further.

To follow through.

I’m a part of a mastermind, and every week there’s a pressure to answer the question, "what did you do last week". That pressure is healthy.

I have internal pressure. "You talk about startups a lot, you better back up that chat with some action". This pressure is healthy.

Every day I get home from my day job late at night and feel tired, with a long to-do list ahead of me. I remember what I’m trying to do and what my future looks like. This pressure is healthy.

I share my goals in public. This pressure is healthy.

Not all pressure is healthy. Sometimes it can weigh us down rather than spur us on. In those cases, you’ve gotta throw that pressure off.

What pressure are you under right now? Is it weighing you down, or pushing you on?

Throw off the heavy weights, but use some of that healthy pressure to push you forwards. Your future will be better as a result.

Fred Rivett's face@fredrivett